Nyul – When the Path Fades

IDMf044 cover 400

IDMf Label is a forum-run netlabel which features on Netlabelism time and time again. The enthusiasm and diligence by which this forum persists is reflected in the strength of their free releases. The new EP by Nyul is no exception. Genre-wise, the IDMf discography is wildly unpredictable; you never know what is going to happen to your brain the second you hit play. Will it be a...+

Various Artists – 七夕コンピ


Otoginomori (translation = “Forest Fairy”), a sparse and little-known Japanese label, released a short compilation recently which went mostly unnoticed by the netlabel scene at large. Here is a shoddy Google translation of their About page. While grammatically unsound, I think it presents a nice ethos. It is the concept of work in the motif of nature and the...+