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The Netlabelism team are music-addicts. They also love to share the gems they find on their journeys. We listen and write about a wide range of genres, and we also publish a podcast, mostly consisting of mixes, practically zero talking, just great music.

The albums and EP’s being reviewed on Netlabelism haven’t necessarily been licensed under Creative Commons. We also listen and present Non-Creative-Commons tunes; It’s about music, nothing less, nothing more. We try to review a wide variety of genres: electronica, trip-hop, hip-hop, rap, downtempo, dub, dub techno, house, classical, jazz, even pop, rock and metal.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas – don’t hesitate to contact us


Markus Scholz

The concept and idea behind Netlabelism was to start a page as a filter for the rapid growing amount of netaudio music. And also to establish a landing page for all those how never had contact with free music before. So I started Netlabelism back in 2010. And I’m still happy I did it! Welcome to our world of netaudio music.

Signature: [MS] – Contact: markus [at] netlabelism.com


Simon Van Bockstal

KanazawagoldSimon Van Bockstal, or Hushfield, is based in Ghent, Belgium. He is a freelance reviewer and musician (previously known as ‘The Quiet Orchestra’ and ‘Droidmusik’) raised on a diet of moody ambient and glitchy beats. A turntable with Chopin records and a drumcomputer are his idea of starting a party. He spends most of his time locked in the basement with cables, knobs and netlabel culture.

Signature: [SVB] – Contact: simonvanbockstal [at] netlabelism.com


Chris Hilliard

chrisChris hails from the east coast of the US. With help from Netlabelism.com he discovered the netlabel phenomenon late 2012, early 2013. Since then he’s been hooked, listening to netlabel music almost exclusively. He’s an avid listener of jazzy hip-hop, psychedelic chill-out, and bass. In addition to listening to and sharing music, he loves to read (especially science fiction) and write (he’s even written a book!). He’s also been known to spend too much time playing chess.

Signature: [CH] – Contact: christopher [at] netlabelism.com



Simon makes music under the alias ‘Bitbasic‘. He has a total of five netlabel releases (including two at Rec72, and two at Monotonik) and is still releasing music into the world of CC. He uses a ‘monome’, and was the creator and programmer of the DJing application ‘dj64’. This was the first DJing application to be controlled using a grid of 8 x 8 buttons.

Signature: [Bitbasic] – Contact: simon [at] netlabelism.com


Alan Herrick

Alan has been active in the experimental music community for over 20 years. He is the founder of Auricular Records, originating member of the ambient soundart group Nux Vomica (not the punk band), and has produced and released audio works by more than 100 different artists since 1989.
With a vast and questionable radio history, Alan currently serves as the producer and host of the weekly radio show (dis)PERSE Dispatch – broadcast weekly on DFM RTV, Netherlands. (dis)PERSE specializes in experimental and soundart releases with a deep focus on netlabels. Alan is also the editor of the (dis)PERSE blog which functions as the written word extension of his media projects.
Alan can usually be found in the San Francisco Bay Area, awake late at night, scouring for or creating new music and intriguing sounds to share with the rest of the world, when he is not plying his craft as a programmer/developer to put bread on his table.

Signature: [AH] – Contact: alan [at] netlabelism.com


Alexander Stretton

Alex lives in Adelaide Australia, he discovered the netlabel scene in early 2010 and has been an avid listener and reviewer ever since. He has run a personal music blog (Whatever Takes Your Fancy) dedicated to commercial and netlabel music for a number of years, writing reviews and interviewing several independent artists from around the world. More recently he has collaborated with Feedback Loop Netlabel in writing liner notes for releases and curating a regular podcast showcasing the world of netlabel music. Between studying psychology and working part time there is no doubt you will find him listening to some sort of music on ridiculously large headphones, or cooking up a mean vegetable soup.

Signature: [AS] – Contact: alexander [at] netlabelism.com


Filipe Cruz

Filipe Cruz (aka ps) is an audiovisual experimentalist and new media art hacktivist. Been involved with the netaudio scene since the trackers age. Has released on various netlabels, organized compilations, festival events and curates the Portuguese netlabel Enough Records since 2001. Originally from Porto, Portugal. Having resided in Coimbra for a few years is now currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Signature: [ps] – Contact: filipe [at] netlabelism.com


Warren Daly

Warren Daly - Rathlin Island Festival - 2004The disparate sounds of Ireland, South Africa and Cambodia serve as living inspiration for Phnom Penh-based Warren Daly, whose label Invisible Agent has showcased talent from around the globe since the dawn of the millennium. A musician and DJ whose dynamic live visuals and eclectic approach to electronica propel him out of the studio and onto the stage as often as possible, he has still found time to produce the AgentCast series of podcasts since 2006, highlighting the best in beats and breaks from the world of netlabels.

Signature: [WD] – Contact: warren [at] netlabelism.com


Albert E Trapezoid

trapezoidAlbert E. Trapezoid lives in the North Carolina in the United States. He has been writing about music for several years at his own website (albertetrapezoid.com), which also features reviews of netlabel releases among other folderol. In the past he has dabbled in performance with a punk band, an experimental electronic group, and even drummed in a bagpipe band. He has also worked in radio and as a DJ in various clubs.

Signature: [AET] – Contact: albert [at] netlabelism.com

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