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You’re in for a treat today, a double-dessert, if you will. Today, I present a pair of exhilarating albums that are replete with hard-hitting, booty-shaking tracks that draw on funk, disco, and Star Wars (that’s right, Star Wars). Polish-born Luke Ob released the albums Funk For Fighters and Let’s Bring Some Hot To Hoth in 2010 and 2012, respectively (and more since then!).

On each album you’ll discover a plethora of tracks overflowing with old-school energy and throwback charm. There are remixes from C.J. & Co, MFSB, ABBA, the Rocky movies, and a bunch of others I can’t identify. Spice all this up with quotes from Darth Vader, the Emperor, Leia, Han, Luke, R2-D2, and the rest of the crew, and you end up with highly danceable albums that manage to be nostalgic and thoroughly refreshing all at the same time.

As much as it pains me to “reject” so many good tracks, I will nevertheless select one from each album to serve as more-or-less representative of what you can expect from Luke Ob.

“Rebel Alliance” on Funk For Fighters is a remix of Dan Hartman’s “Relight My Fire” featuring the siren-esque Loleatta Holloway. Despite clocking in at more than seven minutes in length, it’s anything but a chore to listen to it. It draws you in with whooshing samples and a steady bass drum before we get our first taste of the aggressive strings and beat. “Strong enough to walk on through the night!” are the first words we hear, and it’s already time to swing your hips.

“Real Magic” is one of the most outstanding track on Let’s Bring Some Hot To Hoth thanks to its intricate layering. To start, a protracted note and bongos draw you into the song before it takes off with violins, trumpets, groovy guitar, and group vocals, all of which take center stage at one point or another. Throughout, you can almost see the orchestra spinning around the top of an enormous disco ball overlooking a skate rink full of afros and bell-bottoms. “Love Magic” by John Davis & The Monster Orchestra is the original, and Luke Ob does well to preserve the spirit of the track while injecting a heavier hip-hop vibe.

Everything about this music is invigorating. If you’re in the mood for a retro pick-me-up, pick these albums up and clear the floor because you’re about to boogie.


Luke Ob – Funk For Fighters – “Rebel Alliance”

Luke Ob – Let’s Bring Some Hot To Hoth – “Real Magic”


Let’s Bring Some Hot To Hoth purchase page ($2.00 USD)

Funk For Fighters purchase page ($2.00 USD)

Luke Ob on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook

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