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Restored 03 May 2017, originally published 09 October 2014

The hunt for new music has been plentiful! Among my finds, I’m happy to report, is an artist from the bass universe. His moniker is AtYyA, and his latest release Transcendence EP recently dropped (c. October 2014) on the Street Ritual label.

First and foremost, I must emphasize the need for headphones or a legit subwoofer. You will not be able to appreciate this music on tinny laptop speakers. If you don’t have headphones, run down to T.J. Maxx and grab a pair for 10 bucks. It’s easily the best investment you’ll make all day.

Transcendence is composed of five tracks filled with deep, throbbing bass, spacey rhythms, natural samples, and a variety of percussion instruments. The cover art actually is a pretty good visual indicator of what you can expect.

The opener “Adhiṭṭhāna” is phenomenal for its use of space. Echoes of chimes and whistles and the distant sound of running water underscores the openness of the soundscape and prepare your ears for the drop. When it comes, all that empty space fills with a heavy, hollow thunder clap. That thunder echoes throughout the track contrasting with the smaller sounds that fill in all the tiny gaps around it. You’ll find everything from dub plates to hand-clapping, from occult samples to twitchy and glitchy electronics, yet it’s never overwhelming. Despite the presence of many smaller elements, emphasis is always given to the big bass.

The rest of the album — especially “Altar Form” — is just as sweet. Head over to Street Ritual and check it out!

AtYyA – “Adhiṭṭhāna”


Transcendence EP release page

AtYyA on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter

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