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We here at Netlabelism often come across sample-laden music while sifting through the netaudio world.  We’ve seen quite a range, from those who obviously plagiarize others’ work, to those who generate their own sounds and samples.    When I think of people involved in sample heavy albums, e.g. Street Lab (see their ‘bootleg’ album), or, more popularly, the work of Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis), I’m struck with the impression that they’re really ‘sound-collage’ artists, not musicians by traditional definitions.  On the other hand, they could be considered 21st Century turntablists, where laptops and midi controllers are the ‘instruments’ of choice for mixing and matching audio and thereby creating new works.  But at what point does a work contain too many samples, and how do we evaluate it?  In this article, I discuss sampling, fair use, and the Creative Commons.  In conclusion, I present three factors which seem to determine whether or not sampling is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’

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I attended Netaudio London Conference on Sunday, 15th of May, with my good friend, netlabel owner and musician Vince Millet, from Secret Archives of the Vatican. Vince has written his own blog post on the conference, which I urge you to read, but here are my own observations and musings.…

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Last time out I did a fairly limited job of advocating a skill sharing site which, as a lesser function, I believed could help artists earn some money – a suggestion which led to extensive debate and proved……