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Restored 12 June 2017, originally published 29 June 2014

I present Bioscape (a.k.a. Andrew Dyche) and his album Living Connection, a triumph of nature-inspired chill out music.

The opening track “Mountaintop Meditation” contains many elements common to ambient music:  running water, soothing guitar, flutes, birds, rushing wind. And while it’s barely five and a quarter minutes long, it seems much longer as it paints a vivid soundscape.

One of my go-to tracks is “Everyday Places & Natural Spaces”. It starts slow with only a few keyboard notes and a synth. Thirty seconds in, drums and dub elements are added to the mix along with samples. There’s a lot going on, but Bioscape does well to provide strike harmonic balance with sonic contrast. Around 2:30 there’s a frenetic, insect-like effect buzzing around and between the eardrums which is exciting and unusual. Overall, the steady progression of energy, the variety of elements, and clarity with which it’s all composed really set this track apart.

“Underwater Bliss” is another great one. As one might expect, there’s plenty of bubbly water samples to be heard. Distant echoes and muted popping sounds add to the submerged sensation. This track is also dub-heavy, but lends a good deal of attention to synths which are simply fun to hear as they build and evolve. The most enthralling aspect is the synth that takes center-stage around two minutes in. It starts out hitting some lower bloop bleep bloop notes as it sits on the bottom of the sea. But the pitch begins to rise and as it goes higher and higher toward the surface of our underwater world, until 3:50 when it breaks the surface and flies through the air supported by the groovy bass and myriad sea creatures.

This is an immersive, expansive chill out album, and one I’m delighted to be able to share with you.

Bioscape – “Mountaintop Meditation”

Bioscape – “Everyday Places & Natural Spaces”

Bioscape – “Underwater Bliss”


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