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Restored 23 April 2017, originally published 26 November 2014

Austria is on fire. Metaphorical fire, of course. The heat comes from a collective of DJs, producers, and beatsmiths called DustyCrates.

They hail from as far as the Philippines and from as close as Croatia, Italy, and Germany. Living and producing in the Austrian capital of Vienna, DustyCrates has made some fresh noise, particularly on their OUTOFORDER series. I can think of no better example to start us off with than the opener from the most recent installment, OUTOFORDER3.


Ra-b shows what DustyCrates is all about in his track “alpha”. A sample of wicked shouting and a rolling drum beat clears the air before a collection of brass announces the arrival of the Boss, the King, the Top Dog. Everyone around makes way for Number 1 to walk to the center of the party. With all eyes watching, the tension rises until Mr. B.M.O.C. [link] pulls out an electric guitar and makes it wail. He’s joined by the brass and drums and a smattering of vocal samples to round out the track. At 84 seconds, it’s certainly not a very long track, but it’s long enough to make an entrance as well as a lasting impression on a new listener.


Moving back in time, OUTOFORDER2 has its own share of solid tracks. One stand-out is “from my balcony” by Clefco. As though he conducted a jazz/hip-hop/electronic orchestra, Clefco begins by sweeping away the pre-concert buzz with the edge of a sharp, double-edged electronic melody (one edge being fast, the other slow). The melody is soon joined by a heavy drum exhibition which moves to the background to make room for a couple of groovy guitars. The drums and guitars then alternate back and forth, back and forth before the track fades out. This one really excites my ears and brain. The clarity and complementarity of each set of sounds is striking and makes “from my balcony” easily repeatable.


Finally, at the beginning of the series, we have OUTOFORDER. On his track “moonwalk”, Pad Prank breaks out the mellow 808s as well as a plethora of synths both high and low, pixelated and smooth. The mood is spacey, digital, and downbeat. The flow is chilled. I could bounce around the moon with this blasting in my space helmet.

What really sets this series apart is the wide variety and the high degree of consistency throughout. The OUTOFORDER series successfully runs the gamut of downtempo hip-hop electronica sounds and is therefore well worth your attention.

For a look at a live set, watch the video below:

DustyCrates (ra-b) – “alpha”

DustyCrates (clefco) – “from my balcony”

DustyCrates (pad prank) – “moonwalk”


OUTOFORDER download page

OUTOFORDER2 download page

OUTOFORDER3 purchase page

DustyCrates Bandcamp

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