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Early in my journey through the musical multiverse, I discovered a realm inhabited by strange, cerebral sounds and throbbing beats that I came to know as psychedelic music. Whether it was psychedelic-ambient, chill out, or trance I was amazed by the stimulating effect it had on me. Artists like the monumental Juno Reactor or the ubiquitous Entheogenic opened my eyes to what music could do to a mind and body. In short, I was hooked.

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Another of their ilk is Globular (aka Morrison Bennett). One of several great examples of his music is the LP Magnitudes Of Order. Direct experience is really the best way to appreciate psychedelic music, especially Globular. Short of that, I’ll do my best to share my own experience. “Up The Xylem Elevator” is one track that shouldn’t be missed.

The soundscape opens before a crackling campfire, surrounded by birds and bugs and a nearby brook. Soon a pair of sonorous guitars take over, and the world fades away. Halfway through the track, the outside world returns and with it comes a beat and a rush of blood to the head. The energy rises and falls again before rounding itself out with what sounds like chanting and swirling water.

This leads us straight into the next track, and it happens to be the longest on Magnitudes Of Order. “Gateways”, at more than 13 minutes long, spends the first 90 seconds setting the mood before introducing the beat. Another 30 seconds and the synthesizers join in along with a bunch of wonky warping noises. The bass paints itself into the picture like mountains in the background, so deeply rooted they almost escape notice, except for the fact that they are enormous. Sampling throughout the track is thoroughly mystical and appropriately brief. After six or seven minutes, we’re joined by ethereal, Indian-sounding vocals (think Asian subcontinent), which I find adds a tasty layer of humanity into the track. The track continues by carrying us through increasingly cerebral various levels. It stretches the brain, blasts it with radiation, tickles it with piano keys, and displaces it from time with tachyon pulses. Really though, it feels like flying through the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the crew of the Enterprise behind us, all as dumbfounded as we are by what they’re experiencing.


Globular – “Up The Xylem Elevator”

Globular – “Gateways”


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