Groove Cereal | Part of a Dusted Breakfast (Volume 2)

Breakfast isn’t just what you eat for your morning meal; it’s what you do to start your day. I like to hit the snooze button a few (several) times before a long, hot shower. But you gotta eat something, right? If you answered, “No,” you should really reconsider. Here, I’ll prepare it for you: a heaping bowl of cereal, Groove Cereal.

Part of a Dusted Breakfast (Volume 2) – yes, there is a Volume 1 – is yet another stellar release from Dusted Wax Kingdom. (Actually, they both are, but I heard Volume 2 first.)

Honestly, the name “Groove Cereal” first struck me as a bit…ostentatious? I mean, he put “groove” in his name. If it’s not really good, his name is a lie. Anyway, I wasn’t about to let that possibility spoil a potentially excellent experience. So, I gave him a listen. And I’m glad I did because this man is talented. He skillfully chops up all my favorite things about music: brass and woodwinds, downtempo beats, strings, and samples, and serves them up, ready for consumption. While I’d love to take you through the whole album course by proverbial course, I’ll stick to just a couple.

Perhaps the most elegant and easily-joyed track on the album is “Mio Amore, Mio Cuore” (from Italian [literally] meaning, “My Love, My Heart.” It starts with a longing saxophone that conveys a sense of forlorn affection – something missed, yet remembered fondly – and a delicate piano to underscore that sentiment. A sometimes-clean, sometimes-choppy beat and a mellow bass line carry us to a dip in the music. In the aural openness, a distant horn draws our attention before we hear a cheerful sample (“We can be music”) and friendly piano chords. Halfway through the track we turn around and do it all in reverse. The memories are good and we wouldn’t do anything to change them. — On a personal note, this is among my most highly favored songs. It is beatific. It is sublime.

Later on the album, Groove Cereal displays great range of tone (mood, impression) with his “Something Sinister (feat. Can.So[u]l[e]d)”. Being one of the only rap tracks on the album it’s hard not to notice. Same with its lyrics, which are a direct expression of personal challenges

“…Hopefully it isn’t true ‘like father like son,’

life is just another hit and run, a bad pun…”

The accompanying melodies stand out much as the rhymes, if not more. A foreboding harpsichord sets the stage for us with the help of a guitar note reminiscent of “Echoes” by Pink Floyd. The lyrical content (e.g. “There’s something sinister inside of me, that I try to hide under lock and key”) conveys a complementary, ominous feel. All in all, a good show.

A final thought. This highly chill album is more than a great way to start the morning. Its groovy sounds and samples can carry you all day if you want… and all night.


Groove Cereal – “Mio Amore, Mio Cuore”

Groove Cereal – “Something Sinister (feat. Can.So[u]l[e]d)”


Part of a Dusted Breakfast (Volume 2) release page at Dusted Wax Kingdom

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