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I’ve got another quickie for you, ladies and germs. I’m calling it maximalist glitch-hop. Take just a minute to digest that. Better yet, have a listen.

Harrison Blakoldman of the Soulection netlabel released his EP, Opera in 2012. I know it’s a few years out now, but it’s still good. It’s five downbeat tracks filled with dozens of computer/keyboard noises spanning the industrial grinding of Bristol’s grime scene, to the blithe tap tap tip tap tap of cymbals, to pops and whistles and whizzbangs. Clearly Mr. Blakoldman went out of his way to pound our eardrums in as many ways as he could imagine. Yet he did it in a way that is not merely inoffensive but downright enjoyable.

Take the track “Return In Space”. It starts with a zooming noise that implies we’re building up to something. When we reach the break we’re invited to indulge ourselves with a firm but friendly, “come, come, come on,” and layer upon layer of beats, bass, and bleepy bloops. The flair with which he weaves between beats and changes pace leaves little room for doubt about his creative prowess.


Harrison Blakoldman – “Return In Space”


Opera EP download page at Soulection netlabel

Harrison Blakoldman on Soundcloud

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