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Short, sweet.

Such is Searching London, a 3-track EP by French producer Hugo Kant (aka Quentin Le Roux). From what I can tell, he’s a multi-instrumentalist. This suggests to me he’s responsible for a lot of the instrumentation we hear on the album. If true, the album is all the more impressive because he employs a vast array of instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, violin, upright bass/cello, sax, especially the flute, and even a tuba. Monsieur Le Roux also inserts a good deal of electronic sounds and samples from the Bond flick Dr. No and a political speech of unknown origin (to me).

Each track has a feel of its own, telling part of a story wherein a man (Le Roux, no doubt) explores England’s capital city.

The first track — “Searching London” — is light, bouncy, and energetic, a track designed for adventure.

The second — “Dark Night Dreams” — is, appropriately enough, dark and dreamy, and hauntingly so. I’ll say more about it in a moment.

The closer feels very much like a sobering of thought and mood, like winding down with the night. Vaguely political overtones add to the gravity of the experience without weighing it down too much with dogmatic preaching.

“Dark Night Dreams” is the high point of this album for me. It’s heavy yet vibrant, entertaining yet unnerving, enticing yet imposing. This track is staggering in its instrumental composition as well as in its execution. Let me see if I can pick out all the sounds I hear: xylophones, heavy and light drums, tuba (told you there’s a tuba), flute, and a powerful saxophone, all alongside electronic manipulation. It seems so blasé to read it in text, but believe you me, to hear it is sublime.

In abstract terms, it feels like lighting a candle in an utterly dark room and watching as it dances about, casting shadows of the unknown, hinting at danger, grabbing your attention, unrelenting until the end. Simply speaking, this song (really, the whole album) takes on a life of its own.


Hugo Kant – “Dark Night Dreams”


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