Interview with A Quiet Bump Netlabel

Here’s an extract of an online interview Pete Cogle did with Paolo and Giovanni from A Quiet Bump Netlabel

Tell the readers a little bit about your netlabel.

We are a team of 5 musicians based in Southern Italy. We mostly focus on dub, ambient and trip hop production. We’ve been around with this label for about 5 years and have produced 27 albums and EPs. All of these are available as free downloads from our website.

How did you come up with the name?

The idea came from Paolo and Gamino, we wanted something pushing music with very fair attitude. That’s really the idea.

How many artists do you have on the label?

Actuall,y we have 11 different projects that released something for our label. We hope to expand the roster with more projects when possible. It’s always wonderful when new people start a  relationship with our team.

Are you one of those artists?

Yes, Giovanni produces Black Era and Lich, and is soon going to release a third project. Paolo produces Peak, Gamino and Wiseman produce Jambassa.

What prompted you to start a label in the first place?

We just needed a place to stock our productions and link them for download. Then, once we started relationships with producers outside the team we realized that we could name ourselves a “label”.

Do you release hard-copy CDs or just downloads?

Yes, we did in the past, and we are evolving again in this direction.  It is our main goal to alternate free releases, CC licensed purchasable releases, and hardware releases.

How do you promote your netlabel?

Well, we do the job mainly via our mailing list and we also use some light advertising on social networks. Usually we get some big help from bloggers that spread the word about us a lot. We bought some magazine advertising in the past, but this idea did not work as magazines are related to specific “territories”.

How do you keep afloat? Do you make money or take donations?

Mainly we gain money from live events. We are discussing some new feature that should allow us to move into a more “conventional” label light. This means we would love move into vinyl press and related releases.

How do you measure success?

We don’t measure a release in any way. We just enjoy the feedback we get via mail and social networks, or discussions with people enjoying our sound. This is success for us.

What would you say to someone considering starting a netlabel?

Just define a huge identity and logistics, everything else will come.

Given what you know about running a netlabel, what would you do differently now?

Nothing really. This experience really formed us. Everything about this experience was wonderful and spiritually remunerative. Now moving to a next step is really due.

Can you provide 5 tracks that really sum up your netlabel?

It’s a really hard task and it took a lot of time for us to choose.

Track1 [aqbmp007] MOU – Non e possibile

Track2 [aqbmp023] Jambassa – Want Rub A Dub

Track3 [aqbmp025] Peak – Strange Noises From The Wardrobe

Track4 [aqbmp009] Lich – Rise Of The Zwitch Kings – Side Z

Track5 [aqbmp027] Para – Minimalismi

Either for each track, or as a mix, can you tell us who the artists are, the track names and why you chose them?

Mou is the band that formerly invented the “aquietbump” idea, Peak and Gamino were in that band. They disbanded 2 years ago, but their releases are still on the top of our weekly scrobbles.  Jambassa, Peak and Para are a fine example of the direction of our idea of sound, and Giovanni choose Lich as that is his side project to Black Era, because it is really representative of how our sound can be versatile.

Where can readers find you on the net?

Is there anything I should have asked you I didn’t?

Hum, let me think … you didn’t ask if we plan to expand our roster? Yes, we do and we are looking forward to artists using our dropbox on soundcloud.

Big love.

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