Interview with Fresh Poulp Netlabel

Here’s an extract of an online interview Pete Cogle did with Geoffrey Marchand from the Fresh Poulp Netlabel.

Tell the listeners a little bit about your netlabel.

Fresh Poulp was born in 2004 and one of my main goals is to promote its artists via the internet, live shows and to release its entire catalogue in free downloadable mp3 format, under Creatives Commons licence. Sailing through dub, electro, hip-hop, the poulp’s tentacles also lead to other musical styles like world music with electronic music.

How did you come up with the name?

Today I’m managing the label alone but at the beginning we were three friends. One of my partners wanted to call the label “FRESH MUSIC” and I wanted to call it “POULP RECORDS”. So we mixed the two names. POULP Why? Because octopuses have many tentacles, one might say that is a musical tentacles. We want to remain eclectic.

How long have you been around?

Six years.

What genres of music you produce?

The main musical style is dub, but as I said before, I like the eclecticism and our catalog also contains rap music, idm, world, ambient, drum’n’bass or 8-bit vibes!!

How many artists do you have on the label?

Between 20 & 30 but (and that’s important), today, I want to work with few artists only. 5/6/7 maximum !!

Are you one of those artists?

No, and fortunately for your ears.

What prompted you to start a label in the first place?

I love the sharing culture and I can not handle things when the money comes in. I do not like it. I think the culture is only of creation and I believe creation should be shared with others. We could also share by selling our music. But the key is sharing.

I’m against illegal downloading. So at least the albums of my catalog can be downloaded legally and the artist retains all copyrights, without handcuffs on your wrists, slapped on by the musical authorities.

Do you release hard-copy CDs or just downloads?

Yes, for the first release of Fresh Poulp, called “OCTOPUS ONE”. And this year, our next compilation will be on CD, because it will be for sale, with a humanitarian organization, we created a partnership and all profits will be donated to the association.  More info in the coming months!

How do you promote your netlabel?

Internet of course with our website and social networks like myspace, facebook, twitter. And also through radio and of course word of mouth!

How do you keep afloat? Do you make money or take donations?

It’s easy. Fresh Poulp is cheap. Our only cost is the server. In addition, we sell some of our albums on websites like iTunes, Amazon. We also earn a little money with live shows. But it’s not my goal to make money with Fresh Poulp. I have a job for that. My goal is to meet people, travel, share and dance!!!!

How do you measure success?

I don’t care. I know today, Fresh Poulp is famous in the world of the netlabel, in France too. We worked hard for that.

What would you say to someone considering starting a netlabel?

Creating a netlabel is not just putting albums for free download on the net. It’s like a physical label. You need to create links with artists, creating a small family and have them play live, because music is all about the live performance! This is where we share the most.  So don’t do like 90% of the netlabel scene. Put everything and anything on his site and make references 001 / 002 for the show do as the majors. It’s bad for the culture!!

Given what you know about running a netlabel, what would you do differently now?

Nothing. All is not perfect but it is. No regrets!!! Nothing has changed. The imperfection I like and I have lived too many beautiful things with my artists to regret anything.

Can you provide 5 tracks that really sum up your netlabel?

Very difficult!!! hum

Track1 Dubosmium – Waragine a Ragine

Track2 Pix – To Begin Again

Track3 Ictus – Bebert

Track4 Rafiralfiro – Istanbul Engloutie

Track5 Silent Bells – Goodbye Marrakech

Very hard question!

Either for each track, or as a mix, can you tell us who the artists are, the track names and why you chose them?

Ictus because he was the first solo artist on Fresh Poulp. A great guy, swiss and he was quite visionary for its time I find in his music.

Dubosmium because it’s the Moroccan artist on Fresh Poulp and Morocco is the second country of the label. Great brotha!

Pix with “To Begin Again” because it’s the track most download on Fresh Poulp.

Silent Bells because I know this guy since 20 years and

Rafiralfiro, because… it’s rafiralfiro. Listen his music and understand!

Where can readers find you on the net?

Everywhere!! facebook, twitter, soundcloud, myspace, dailymotion, youtube,, vimeo … Octopus is a real geek !!

Is there anything I should have asked you I didn’t?

No, it’s perfect; Many thanks !! Poulp Up!!

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