Interview with Original Dub Gathering Netlabel

Here’s an extract of an online interview Pete Cogle did with Olo from Original Dub Gathering Netlabel.

Tell the listeners a little bit about your netlabel.

Original Dub Gathering was born to share all kinds of dub music; ranging from roots to electro dub and dubstep.

How long have you been around?

ODG Prod was born with the first On Dub Ground releases. The site was created for the first STEP4i compilation release in 2006.

What genres of music do you produce?

As I mentioned, we started to release stepper dub then all the other styles of dub. Last year (2010) we released our first dubstep EP.

How many artists do you have on the label?

We have 10 different artists who have released one or two EPs and a lot more on our STEP4i releases (6parts).

Are you one of those artists?

Yes. On Dub Ground and Original Dub Gathering are linked and the goal is to share free music on the internet.

What prompted you to start a label in the first place?

Our passion for dub music and internet 2.0 (facebook, myspace, blog systems) which is the perfect medium for free music.

Do you release hard-copy CDs or just downloads?

For now just downloads, but we are looking forward to release our first album in hard copy to sell it after gigs.

How do you promote your netlabel?

Mostly through facebook (few year ago with myspace) and with all other reggae/dub web sites all over Europe. Give thanks to them !

How do you keep afloat? Do you make money or take donations?

Fortunately in France the hosting prices became less expensive in 2010 so I can keep the netlabel afloat with just my own money. We have a paypal donation page, but that hasn’t really been discovered by users yet.

How do you measure success?

Mostly through stats about web traffic. Some of our release are downloaded more than 10 000 times a year.

What would you say to someone considering starting a netlabel?

Creating a netlabel is a good way to let people know about young artists and, for me, it’s a more egalitarian way for artists than the big CD industry system. But when you want to build a netlabel you have to constantly find new artists from everywhere because the internet has no borders. A netlabel needs to evolve constantly.

Given what you know about running a netlabel, what would you do differently now?

I started to think about netlabel when I was 18 and now our first (ondubground) releases are still available on – Maybe if I started again I would only keep my new productions.

Can you provide 5 tracks that really sum up your netlabel?

I’m thinking of 5 artists : Dawa Hifi (Antik Tings) U.Stone (Digital Shadows) Panda Dub (his two albums) Dany Ites (his two EPs) and Drydeck

Track1 Dawa HiFi – Friendly Dubwise (Antik Tings)

Track2 U.Stone – Sleepless Night (Digital Shadows)

Track3 Pandadub – Axion Esti (Subcontraire)

Track4 Dani Ites – Word Of Jah (Melody Roots)

Track5 Drydeck – Holy D (Deck Rmx) (Drydeck meets On Dub Ground)

Either for each track, or as a mix, can you tell us who the artists are, the track names and why you chose them?

I choose those 5 artists because I still think that they are the next dub generation and so they’re building part of dub history.

Where can listeners find you on the net?

On facebook, myspace and on

Is there anything I should have asked you I didn’t?

I just want to thank you for this first interview 🙂

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