Interview with Teque-Nique

Who are the people behind Teque-Nique? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

The people behind teque-nique are some of the artists who publish their works on the label, in the past the label was ruled by two persons who worked on maintaining the website, listening to the demos, publishing the releases… Now we’ve changed into a small collective of musicians working together on all the aspects of a label’s life. We come from different musical and professional backgrounds and at the moment we are trying hard to quit our jobs to focus our efforts on the label’s project.

When did you first have the idea to create a netlabel? Why a netlabel? What other labels inspired you to create Teque-Nique?

After years spent in any possible indie, underground, alternative, often illegal scene, we decided to create our own label in order to make easy producing, distributing and promoting our music and to get in touch with new artists. Surfing on the net we stumbled into a world that was growing every day offering tons of unknown musical wonders, built by people who based their work on principles and ethical behaviors different from those you can find in the mainstream market-ruled music industry. Thinner Autoplate was the very first netlabel who captured our interest with its rich catalogue full of minimal and techno-dub masterpieces… then we started to search for new sounds, helped by the work of sites such as with its netlabel index and we wanted to be part of what we had seen as a big global thing made possible by the creative commons licenses and by the whole copyleft movement work.

Furthermore, putting online a netlabel is nearly costless (talking about money, if you consider the work required to go on, things are different…) so it immediately appeared as the most easy way to start distributing the music we love, also considering that we know nowadays it’s very hard to get any income by selling records (digital releases too) unless you are big company with lots of resources to invest in marketing strategies… so we made Teque-Nique to share and promote the music our artists produce and play live.

There seems to be a lot of netlabels from Italy, do you have contact with each other? Can you tell us a little more about the Italian netlabels?

True! In Italy we can see a flourish of new labels, due to the richness of local underground. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the resources (of knowlededge, work…) to reach the audience their musical proposal would deserve, and we feel it is the biggest obstacle on a label’s road, burning a lot of energies that could really bring to some improvement for the whole scene. So we are starting to work together with some other labels we already were in touch with on a “social discography project”, a kind of collective of small realities sharing efforts and knowledges to have a bigger impact. The name of this project is CTRL and the site (under construction) is These are our partners in this project: Sostanze Records, Ephedrina Netlaboratorio, Hydrophonic Records, Stato Elettrico, Noisy Beats.

Are your artists mostly from Italy?

Yes, because we know a lot of musicians and producers, we had the chance to meet in our musical life, playing together, sharing stages… but we are happy to have on our site some releases by Soul Puncherz, an outstanding duo from California Bay Area, and by Donquièstar, a Belgian producer with a big background in northern Europe EBM movement as bass player for Lords of Acid.

Do you have any connections to local event promoters or radios?

We have a good connection with the guys behind the the most important Italian web community working on the copyleft culture: they publish Be-Creative Webzine and rule Lifestyle Radio. We’ve been organizing events in the past. And when it happens, we all are very happy to play live, but at the moment we are focusing on increasing the label’s online reputation before starting a regular booking job for our artists.

Can you explain to us your release process for a new album? What platforms do you cover?

The most important thing is that we have our own studio, a place to work and to meet for listening and discussing the material we receive. All the tracks we release are mastered (and sometimes mixed too) down there counting on a pro analog outboard. We pay a lot of attention to the final sound as we think that “netlabel” doesn’t necessay mean “bedroom-made music”. When the tracks are ready (we have a standard format of three tracks per album) we work on the cover artwork and we upload some previews on the label’s and the artist’s Soundcloud pages, so to make some noise before going online. Then, after about ten days the ep is released. Before starting to work on the next one we spend a lot of time posting and promoting here and there. We would like to be able to release more music (about a release each month) and to follow a more regular work flow for publishing and promoting. We are learning how to do all of this, but I’m sure that it’s a common issue for netlabels.

Please tell us a little about your latest release.

On our latest EP, “Reality Detune”, you can find two dreamy techno-dub tracks by Jimmy Jazz plus a remix by Clouds Round The Moon, mixing samples from public domain libraries, dark and deep techno sounds, house grooves, and bass elements with strong roots-reggae influences. Teque-Nique is as an electronic dance music label and we cover a range of styles matching our musical tastes. When we started Teque-Nique, we were more open to music genres, but now we have decided to release only techno influenced material even if the word “techno” can cover a wide range of syles, influences and sounds. Techno but not “tekno”… any raver or clubber knows what I mean.

What can we expect from Teque-Nique in 2015?

These days we are working on the final master of Enkil’s next release “GOJI”, then we’ve have planned to go online with works by Lvbet, Bith-Phi, Donquièstar and Clouds Round The Moon within the next three months. Besides this we will carry on our collaboration with the other labels involved in the CTRL project, in order to build an events calendar and to produce some cross-platform releases such us live albums recorded during the events we will host, compilations and whatever…

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