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Restored 03 July 2017, originally published 26 March 2014

Variety is essential in life. So essential that we have erected clichés to its importance. “Why is it important?” you may ask. If nothing ever changed, literally speaking, the entire universe would be at a stand-still. In other words, life as we know it would cease to exist. Since such an extreme is intolerable, change must permeate everything, including the music we listen to.

In my search for new music, I found an album which skillfully showcases the variety of music a pair of producers can make. Some years ago, the Russian-born Georgy Luchek and Oleg Bojczuk formed a team which they called Kadang. As much as I can tell, they’ve only put out one album, a four-track EP titled Mount Point. The title track has an ambient vibe. The second track, “Zero Fill”, adds a pinch of trance with hard bass, but it maintains the relaxed tempo. “Sketch” steps up the pace and feels more like EDM than anything else. Actually, it sounds a lot like the The Presets album Apocalypso. The final track, “Maktub”, fits best in the genre psychedelic chill out.

I’d love for them to produce more, perhaps focusing on one of these styles and expanding on what they’ve done in Mount Point. But until that day, I’ll be sitting pretty with these four excellent tracks.


Kadang – Maktub


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