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A few years ago, Netlabelism.com published a review (or two) of releases from Spanish netlabel Música Vermella. This is a fact I was totally unaware of when I discovered the label, and one of their artists, KaostapesKain. From Greece via Barcelona, his is a one-man, electronic act consisting of a plethora of drum beats, synthesizers, and digital, droning rhythms. Admittedly, that’s a dry, unremarkable description. So, allow me to juice it up.

Hit play below on “a cloud of bliss above your head” (from his eponymous, four-track EP). Immediately, we’re hit with quick-paced, overlapping beats and percussion. I’m strongly reminded of Christ. (with a period) who is purported to have been involved with the iconic Boards of Canada since before they were a thing. If you don’t know or don’t like Boards of Canada, you’re missing out.

Moving on with the song, we encounter a sort of droning with a lo-fi, digital wind effect reminiscent of Black Moth Super Rainbow. They’re a heady and imposing, but nonetheless enjoyable act and definitely worth exploring. At the same time, I remember Casino Versus Japan, an artist known for his mellow synths and lovely electric melodies. Taken together, we find ourselves buzzing in an atmosphere of fresh beats and familiar sounds courtesy of KaostapesKain.


KaostapesKain – “a cloud of bliss above your head”


KaostapesKain EP release page

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Chris hails from the east coast of the United States. With help from Netlabelism.com, he discovered the netlabel phenomenon in 2012. Since then he’s been hooked, listening to netlabel music almost exclusively. He enjoys jazzy hip-hop, psychedelic chill out, and bass-heavy tunes. In addition to listening to and sharing music, he loves to read and write (he’s even written a book!). Chris reviews North Carolina beers at www.PorchDrinking.com.

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