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Restored 03 June 2017, originally published 16 September 2014

Third-eye opening psychedelia, skull-rattling bass, and mellow melodies. These are what you can expect from Mathias Fekjær’s Growth.

From the beginning of the first track, “Cavedwellers”, he pulls in the listener with feathery electronica like a phosphorescent luna moth floating before an opening in the earth. It’s enticing, alluring, even disarming. Before we realize it a loud and hollow tack tack tack brings us to attention in time to realize we’re already deep inside the cave. That’s when the bass kicks in. Plodding and powerful, it propels us head-long into the earth. It’s almost overwhelming, especially with the volume turned up (which I recommend). Each thud is a sudden burst of acceleration. All the while, the luna moth keeps pace above our heads with a steady melody. As our descent continues, myriad electro-delic ear candies pop in and out of the stone walls. If you pay attention, you’ll notice one of the synths followed us into the cave. But it’s different now. It’s changing, developing until it evolves into an enormous dragon with strobe-lights on its limbs. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you get there.

And that’s just within the first two minutes. The rest of the track keeps things alive with the introduction of new instruments and sounds, one of which is a harmonica (I think). By the end of “Cavedwellers” we’re swimming in layers upon layers of sound. Some are deep and tangible, others light and ephemeral. All are pleasant and appropriate.

Growth features seven more tracks, all of which are enthralling. The throbbing bass will keep your head bobbing, and the soaring melodies and psychedelia will send your mind on an incredible journey. One you’re free to take as often as you like.

Mathias Fekjær – “Cavedwellers”


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