Our mix series continues, Cast 27 features plenty of beats, and bass. Featuring a wide variety of artists, BitBasic’s new album ‘The Pale’, the dependable Unfound label, more quality from Cut Records, and an unusual remix of Porya Hatami. Please enjoy, share, and come back for more soon. – Thanks, Warren

Netlabelism Cast 27 – Mixed by Warren Daly by Netlabelism on Mixcloud

Portable Sunsets – Islander – Atomnation
Raymundo Mendoza – Head Space – Unfound
Unscannable – Magnetical
Ole-Ole – White Cheremosh (Original Mix) – Monocline
BitBasic – Two Days – Get Some!
Ole-Ole – Prut – Monocline
Unscannable – Artifractal
BitBasic – We’re in Hedben – Get Some!
Caldera – Trippin’ – Cut Records
Dullatron – Fourier Series – Cut Records
Porya Hatami – After The Rain (by the Green Kingdom)- Dewtone Recordings

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  1. […] as many genres, artists, and labels as possible. This is a downtempo, ambient affair, where as Cast 27 is full of beat driven tracks. Please share with your friends, and if you like the tracks, support […]

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