Featuring some of the greatest ambient music producers, this mix is nearly 2 hours long is a refreshing start to 2016. Wonderful music from Janes scenic drive a.k.a Phillip Wilkerson. Sound Awakener an experimental artists from Vietnam. A track from Leonardo Rosado’s album Adrift, another great remix of Porya Hatami by Loscil, Lucho Ripley on the awesome Audio Gormet who seem to be getting busier lately. And what would an ambient mix be without Cousin Silas. I hope you enjoy the tunes. NB* we’re slowly fixing up sections of the website so please have some patience as we work through various issues. We’re still here, be sure to share. Thanks for listening. Warren [at] Netlabelism.com

Artist – Album – Track

  1. Janes scenic drive – American Mercury – American Mercury Part 1
  2. Marco Madia – Music For Plants – 01 Hydrophytes
  3. Sound Awakener – September Traveler – September Traveler
  4. Various Artists – Fog Music Volume 1 DVD – February Fog
  5. Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf, Rob Thomas – Monuments of Ecstasy – This Place On Earth
  6. Mark Ward – Rise – Sea Song
  7. Leonardo Rosado – Adrift – Descent
  8. Porya Hatami – Shallow Remixed – Fen (By Loscil)
  9. Lucho Ripley – Spirit of Wonder – Harold y Maude
  10. Cousin Silas – Low Cloud Formations – Amidst Silence

Netlabelism Cast 29 – Mixed by Warren Daly by Netlabelism on Mixcloud