Non Dolet | Dreamlover (EP)

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity. Khalil Gibran

The latest release from Dusted Wax Kingdom features Non Dolet, the moniker of a woman named Alisa who studies music and sound direction at a conservatory in Russia. After even the first listen of her four-track Dreamlover EP, her talent and education shine through. Her sense of tone and balance capture well the experience of always being just out of reach, a feeling familiar to those of us who dream.

Melancholy piano and patient, almost reluctant drums set the album’s mood in the opening track — “Sad Man’s Walk” — while a downtempo beat underscores the dreamy ambiance. The addition of the woodwind and the subtle electronics rounds out the subliminal experience.

She expands on these sensations with crisp instrumentation, drawing on the cello, the harp, and the guitar in “Downhearted” and “Jade”. At the same time, like dreams, she’s not afraid to introduce the unexpected, as evidenced by the momentary 8-bit blips in the title track.

Overall, Non Dolet combines earthy and ethereal to conjure an experience as close to dream-like as any I’ve encountered.


Non Dolet – “Downhearted”


Dreamlover release page at Dusted Wax Kingdom

Non Dolet Bandcamp, Free Music Archive

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