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August 6, 2011 / / Article

If you’re thinking of starting a netlabel, don’t let anyone stop you. The movement — it does feel like we’re far along enough to call netlabels a “movement,” and have been for some time — continues to build. But for all its cultural momentum, perhaps because of that momentum, there’s no clear template for how netlabels function, not beyond the shared idea of delivering freely downloadable music with the permission of the artists involved.…

August 4, 2011 / / Article
June 13, 2011 / / Article
May 26, 2011 / / Article
May 18, 2011 / / Article

I attended Netaudio London Conference on Sunday, 15th of May, with my good friend, netlabel owner and musician Vince Millet, from Secret Archives of the Vatican. Vince has written his own blog post on the conference, which I urge you to read, but here are my own observations and musings.…

May 11, 2011 / / Article
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March 20, 2011 / / Article

A scene or movement is always a dynamic entity, it forms itself out of people with different backgrounds and interests that atoned to a common goal or characteristic. It doesn’t mean they’ll all play by the same rules.…