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While looking for a label on which to publish an upcoming release I have been working on, I stumbled upon Pocket Fields. It’s a label from St. Petersburg, Russia releasing digital and limited edition CD-R’s of sounds “focused on different variations of experimental music, field recordings, drone, sound art, noise, electronic, ambient, electroacoustic, minimalism, musique concrete, industrial, spoken word, microsound, folk, etc… It could be almost anything.”

Intrigued, I listened to a random release from them, and that’s how I ended up playing Andrew Lahiff‘s Quiet Correlations, released on May of 2012. Andrew’s website claims he has been doing ambient drone sounds for nearly a decade (with his first release having seen the light of day on 2004) and I must say it seems he has gotten pretty good at it.

Quiet Correlations sounds like you’re floating on deeply calm waters for over an hour. Each track is 6 to 10 minutes long and they all take their sweet time revolving calm pads and gentle soundscapes reminiscent of the deep cosmos. In some of the tracks you can hear the faint sounds of birds far away while synthesizers sing whale songs. Other tracks use other kinds of field recordings to bring the warm organic feeling of nature into the synthesized pool of sound. All very peaceful, bright and nurturing. Highly recommended for fans of Steve Roach and Robert Rich.

Andrew Lahiff – Alpine Glaciers


Deep link to [PF027] Release Page

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