Beats Reviews

Awon & Phoniks – Knowledge Of Self


Know thyself. Since the beginning of wisdom, the wise have encouraged those who would listen to know themselves. When you think about, it’s not as simple as it seems. After all, how can the eye turn itself upon itself? But to avoid getting bogged down in a philosophical quagmire, suffice it to say there is...+

Edo Nagano – Klimrim

klimrim cover

Our future will be urban, and it will be organic. As more of us move into dense urban spaces, we’ll seek to incorporate the natural world into our cities. Life seems more vivid when vines reach across weathered walls, where tree roots cover city infrastructure, and where urban gardens find a niche in urban sprawl....+

Frenic – Monomyth: Separation


It is a shame to have missed the latest from Bristol-based, trip hop producer Frenic when it was actually released, but I’m pleased to have found it, if a year late. Monomyth: Separation, as described by the artist, is the result of inspiration he had while performing in Greece. So inspired, he dug into the...+

Mr. KiD – After August

Mr. KiD is like a skilled chef. He keeps things simple by letting his main ingredients (pianos, saxophones, beats) shine as the stars of his tracks while adding little bits of spice here and zest there to achieve delicious morsels ready for immediate and continuous consumption....+