Dub Reviews

Frenic – Monomyth: Separation


It is a shame to have missed the latest from Bristol-based, trip hop producer Frenic when it was actually released, but I’m pleased to have found it, if a year late. Monomyth: Separation, as described by the artist, is the result of inspiration he had while performing in Greece. So inspired, he dug into the...+

Zebra – North


Sometimes it’s a good thing when your expectations are unmet. I went to the Paproota.org Dub Netlabel site looking to groove to some traditional reggae beats; instead, I encountered the cool electronic sounds of Zebra. After I got past my initial “this isn’t at all what I was anticipating” reaction, I quite enjoyed what I...+

Flowertz – Kumbhaka


From the first track, Flowertz’s latest album Kumbhaka  is captivating. Glitches and nob-twiddling aplenty, stringed instruments and a host of percussions, synthesizers and foreign prayers, thumping bass lines and mind-altering moods. For lovers of psychedelic downtempo music, there is nothing lacking. What fascinates me as a fan of such music (besides the raw listening experience)...+

I Neurologici – Five Unorthodox Strategies

Ultimately, what we have here is a simple five song EP plus two bonus tracks. The opening sounds are unmistakably reggae; but even with something that seems straightforward on the surface, I Neurologici keeps you guessing. “Five Unorthodox Strategies” appears on Strato Dischi Notlabel out of Rome, Italy. Opener “Dubotik” is a groovy reggae instrumental....+