Jazz Reviews

Frenic – Monomyth: Separation


It is a shame to have missed the latest from Bristol-based, trip hop producer Frenic when it was actually released, but I’m pleased to have found it, if a year late. Monomyth: Separation, as described by the artist, is the result of inspiration he had while performing in Greece. So inspired, he dug into the...+

You’ve Heard It All Before – Jazzyspoon


Many words come to mind when I try to describe Jazzyspoon’s latest release You’ve Heard It All Before. And my instinct is to stay away from all the genre words. My hesitancy comes simultaneously from my dislike of the recent genre/sub genre frenzy and my desire to write something that does this album justice. I...+

Aaron Smith

Sickmind193 – The Story Begins (EP)


If you don’t mind a little gloom in your jazz, have I got an album for you. A Greek producer who calls himself Sickmind193 released a 6-track EP on Dusted Wax several months ago called The Story Begins. It’s downtempo, introspective, and melancholy. The formula seems straight-forward enough with its solid beats and strong bass,...+