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Restored 27 April 2017, originally published 01 November 2014

On the album download page, the man behind Sion describes his thoughts behind each of the 4 tracks on his EP Smoky Jazz Dub. The tracks represent different phases of an adventurer’s night out. The first phase — “After Hours” — begins the evening at hazy jazz club. The evening, like the track, starts slow, but our adventurer settles into the buzzing ambiance. The track hums and oscillates until the vital note is struck. A deep, reverberating bass note opens the club like an engine roaring to life. Soon our adventurer finds a cool lady in a hot dress staring at him. She eyes him a while, then saunters to his table. The bass line picks up with every step and sway of her sultry hips. They meet. A muted yet nonetheless energizing trumpet wails over the bold bass-line. A synthesizer sneaks its way into the soundscape and grows in intensity. They’re really hitting it off now. They get a few more drinks, step onto the dance floor, and for the first time they feel each other’s body. The night wears on, and our adventurers get tangled. The song fades, and their eyes meet.

“Wanna go back to my place for coffee?” she asks.

“I’d love to.”

So ends the first part of Smoky Jazz Dub. If you want to know the rest, you’ll have to download it and listen for yourself.

Sion – “After Hours”


Smoky Jazz Dub release page at Jamendo

Sion’s official site (apparently non-functional)

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