Wheel of Fortune #9 (VA)

Restored 02 May 2017, originally published 21 February 2015

Spin this wheel of fortune and you are guaranteed to come up a winner.

There is nothing like a good compilation to introduce you to and get you excited about a group of artists, and if they are new to you then all the better. This “Wheel of Fortune #9” compilation from Kermesse Records is amazing from beginning to end…there are zero weak links. You could put this collection on a CD, slap it on the cover of an issue of The Wire, and it would fit right in with their awesome Wire Tapper series. It’s that good.

Fans of non-mainstream music should achieve bliss listening to these 21 songs. It’s a mixed bag of styles including elements of experimental, industrial, rock, noise, and electronic, among other sounds. Trans Atlantic Rage kicks off the festivities with “Pink Drone Melodic Delay” which seems to consist of two loud, distorted, rock guitars playing a little call-and-response game. A few minutes later Jukka-Pekka Kervinen gives us the crazy, abstract rhythm collage “Piece #4.” Then Herd William’s more experimental noise piece “A Short Tendency” appears; it’s a repetitive, percolating electric rhythm that shoots off actual sparks (presumably). All this variety is on display within just the opening four tracks.

Each contribution to this compilation is distinct, yet it all fits together perfectly. While I really hate to leave anyone out, I’ll mention just a few of the other highlights for me:

  • The noise rock of Lactovaginal. Their song “Endless Pain Of Human Creation” sounds like some sort of ungodly alliance between Bad Brains and Cannibal Corpse.
  • LoopsAndNoises deliver “Trance” which is one of the more immediately accessible tracks. It’s got a driving rhythm with repeated cymbal crashes over a simple catchy melody line, embellished by a guitar wig out down in the mix.
  • The dark ambiance of Der Domestizierte Mensch. Their contribution “Korsakow” conjures images an abandoned factory where the machines were left running.
  • Erocnet’s “Lost Souls” is a barely there, sinister sounding tune. One clean note repeats at slow intervals, and the creepy noise elements mixed in could make this the soundtrack for one of Dante’s rings of hell.
  • The experiments keep going with Dr. Noise M and his “World Pitching Speaking.” It sounds as if it’s entirely made up of heavily manipulated voice tapes and sound samples.

If netlabels are virtual record labels, I guess Kermesse Records is a virtual virtual record label. They have no website per se, but do maintain a facebook page and deliver their music through Internet Archive. Kermesse was founded in 2007 by Topi Reta out of Argentina. Oh, and he’s also got a nice track on this compilation…all blurred electronics and clean drumming.

Trust me and take this wheel for a spin.


Lactovaginal “Endless Pain Of Human Creation”

Trans Atlantic Rage “Pink Drone Melodic Delay”

Kermesse Records

Wheel of Fortune #9 release page

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