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Restored 10 June 2017, originally published 12 July 2014

Hailing from Ukraine, Zymosis mixes elements of chill, trance, ambient, and downtempo to create track after track of heady, immersive soundscapes. Lucky for us, Zymosis has put out an album free for download. That album is called Fragments and is composed of 8 tracks that run about 48 minutes.

I try not to compare artists because thinking about someone else sullies my ability to appreciate what I’m currently listening to. However, during my experience with Fragments I find myself reminded of two or three artists in particular: Carbon Based Lifeforms, Orthonorma, and maybe Electric Universe if you cut the BPM by about half. Now, forget I said that while you listen to these two tracks.

“Fragments” has a bit of everything. Deep, pulsating synths permeate the soundscape like enormous redwoods popping in and out of existence. A light cymbal adds wispy clouds of contrast along the treetops. Tinkling bells and chimes flash like lightning bugs amidst the foliage. A piano enters the scene like a majestic stag wandering out of the woods to see what all the commotion’s about before retreating to the seclusion of the forest. A break about the 3:00 mark leaves a calm space for the stag to return. He struts about a bit before settling into the other layers of the track for the final minute of the track.

“Moment of Eclipse” starts off stormy, literally, rain and thunder are the first things we hear. Then, what sounds like an alien space ship floats down through the dark, dense cloud cover. I’m sure it’s just a synthesizer, but the image is so vivid that I have to go with it. When the ship is in clear view, it just hovers for a few unassuming seconds before it starts shooting lasers (the fun kind) and strobe lights out of its every port and orifice. Clearly, these aliens came to party. Before long, a door slides open and a huge drum kit emerges on an extending platform with a four-armed alien with a giant head and large eyes sitting at it. He’s holding drum sticks in one pair of hands while the other two rest on a keyboard made purely of translucent, colored crystals.  Bobbing his head with the beat, he strikes his drums and makes some warped sounds on his keyboard. He even plays regular piano for a while, no doubt to show he’s an alien of many talents. But he’s not just showing off, the clouds part, and above our heads is an enormous full moon. Soon, the ship elevates and the alien musician retracts into his ship. We hear of a burst of sound, and the ship, now blocking the moon entirely, begins to fly away. As he disappears behind the clouds, all I can think is cool.

Zymosis – “Fragments”

Zymosis – “Moment of Eclipse”


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