Fresh Ambient Mix – Cast 29 mixed by Warren Daly

Warren Daly - Netlabelism - Podcast - Ambient - 29

Featuring some of the greatest ambient music producers, this mix is nearly 2 hours long is a refreshing start to 2016. Wonderful music from Cousin Silas, A track from Leonardo Rosado’s album Adrift, another great remix of Porya Hatami by Loscil. I hope you enjoy the tunes. NB* we’re slowly fixing up sections of the...+

The Crisis Project – Compress / Omission

Long-serving readers may recall The Crisis Project being reviewed at Netlabelism before. The two-track EP ‘Scans’ (released in 2011 on BFW Recordings) not only found its way into the CAST06 Netlabelism podcast, but made my top-three shortlist of the best netlabel releases of 2011. This is hardly surprising, given the quality of this group. It is by no means an easy task...+