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All hail the return of Die Mensch-Maschine!

Back in the late 1970s, Kraftwerk seemed to be moving humanity toward the robot. On Non Human Gozne flips the script a bit and tells us about the robot trying to move toward humanity. He’s programmed for human perfection; however, observing the imperfection humanity continuously displays our robot realizes he’s non-human.

While I don’t want to overplay the comparison, there are other overlaps specifically with Kraftwerk in this music. Many of the electronic sounds here could be right out of their machines, the mechanized voices call back to “The Man Machine” and “Computer World,” and Gozne even displays some of the German musician’s international flair with song titles and lyrics in a variety of languages.

But make no mistake, while there are similarities, Gozne certainly doesn’t get overwhelmed by his influences. He has been actively creating music since the eighties and is enough of a veteran to put his own stamp on these compositions. He mixes analogue components with modern tools to provide us with an outstanding collection of tracks.

Some of these songs have a head-bobbing (and, at times, funky) flow, while others present a bit more of an experimental edge. If you are any kind of fan of electronic music, and specifically electro, you are in for a real treat. Some things to listen for include “La Vox” with repetitive loops, mechanized lyrics and bubbling synth sounds. “T-Let-Vizion” has some subtle, almost jazz drum (machine) as part of the mix. There even a “Mensch-Code” here which combines techno elements with industrial noises. The robot gets his say on a spoken word piece called “El Discurso” which is underscored by some sparse glitchy rhythms. Closer “Non Human Cutoff” even throws a dub lilt into the mix.

Eduardo Gozne is a native of Chile, which is also the home base of the Pueblo Neuvo netlabel where “Non Human” makes its virtual home. All humans are hereby advised to visit Pueblo Nuevo and grab this today.

Gozne “Non Human”:


Pueblo Nuevo site

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