Netlabelism Cast 23

Every single one of these releases is highly recommended. I hope you enjoy the mix, please leave comments or contact me by email warren [at]

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wim (ウィム) – Underwater bubbles moving
Moderator – Jazzy Waves
Wax Triptych – The Woman In Red
Kinesthetiac – Blak (A New Crystal)
Luke ob – imperial code
Secret Archives of the Vatican – The Shoemaker and the Djinn
M-PeX – Kanopus
Julien Mier – The Storm Whispered Rusty Memories
Ohsaurus – Please Respond…
Small Colin – Tape Productions
David Douglas – California Poppy
Kinesthetiac – Maternal Telekinesis (Chapstickin)
Subp Yao – I Want You
Tab and Anitek – Physical Graffitti
Dub Riots – Zinc Head

Warren Written by:

With a background in pirate radio, clubs and festivals, Warren Daly made the move from DJing to creating and performing his own music and live visuals as the curtain closed on the last millennium. His experience in the Irish music scene led him to co-found record label Invisible Agent, releasing its first 12" vinyl in 2004 before making the move to an all digital catalogue as an internationally-focused netlabel which he now runs from Phnom Penn, Cambodia.

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