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Produced by; Alan Herrick
Hosted by : Alan Herrick
Date: 11/01/2011
Running Time: 34:30
Parts of the cover taken from: THE RARE PLANTS GARDEN – s/t [12rec.064]

Track 1
Artist: Great Skies
Track: Festival
Label: Cut Records

Track 2
Artist: Stefano Ferrian with Sando Marinoni and Stefano Roncarolo
Track: Bill Tee
Label: Clinical Archives

Track 3
Artist: Radio for the Daydreamers
Track: Freelance Dream Killing Machine
Label: Elpa Music

Track 4
Artist: adamned.age
Track: After the Rain
Label: PublicSpaces Lab

Track 5
Artist: Magnetic Wind
Track: Crow’s Omen
Label: Editoro do Porto

Track 6:
Artist: Seventh Gear
Track: Plastic Wastelandt
Label: Rec 72 Netlabel

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