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Produced by; Alan Herrick
Hosted by : Alan Herrick
Date: 11/10/2011
Running Time: 36:27
Parts of the cover taken from: Kalte – The Lanthanide Series  

Track 1
Artist: Eric Delay
Track: Kindheitstraum
Label: Fragment Netlabel (FuseLab)

Track 2
Artist: Cranium Fortress
Track: Rolling Down Hills
Label: Disquiet

Track 3
Artist: Chromasonic
Track: Rock Fog Rain
Label: Feedback Loop LAbel

Track 4
Artist: Humecka
Track: Ecotone
Label: Editoro do Porto

Track 5
Artist: Ghost Kid
Track: Slow Gong from Here on Out
Label: BFW Recordings

Track 6:
Artist: Northscape
Track: Water Over Flint
Label: Elpa Music

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