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Netlabelism Cast 07 by Netlabelism on Mixcloud

Selection and Mix by Simon Bitbasic
Produced and Hosted by: Alan Herrick
Date: 02/10/2012
Running Time: 45:51

In this cast we present a mix of tracks from the now extinct Thinner net label. This is just touching the surface of an incredible back-catalogue of quality minimal and dub-techno. Thinner was one of the most successful net labels in existence, and will always be remembered for being at the forefront of early evolutions in electronic net audio.

Track 1 [0:00 – 3:55]
Artist: Blamstrain
Track: Nyt
Label: Thinner

Track 2 [3:55 – 8:35]
Artist: Marko Fastenberg
Track: Option21
Label: Thinner

Track 3 [8:35 – 14:42]
Artist: Holger Flinsch
Track: Moonfloat
Label: Thinner

Track 4 [14:42 – 20:15]
Artist: Benfay
Track: Bluestone
Label: Thinner

Track 5 [20:15 – 25:56]
Artist: Jason Corder
Track: Microcosmos
Label: Thinner

Track 6 [25:56 – 29:40]
Artist: Lomov
Track: Don Famato
Label: Thinner

Track 7 [29:40 – 35:44]
Artist: Alta Infidelidad
Track: Ritmo Propio
Label: Thinner

Track 8 [35:44 – 40:57]
Artist: Paul Keeley
Track: Bumper
Label: Thinner
URL: (not free download)

Track 9 [40:57 – 45:09]
Artist: Pheek
Track: There You Are
Label: Thinner
URL: (not free download

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