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Electroacoustic Experimentalism

This week’s Netlabelism podcast is an hour long excursion into the works of offthesky, one of many monikers used by Denver based Jason Corder to propel his studies in electroacoustic experimentalism. He utilizes adverse software in combination with glitch, guitar, found sounds, and even weather pattern data to create lush and emotional sound collages. This mix touches on his some of his work released on Autoplate, Resting Bell, Zymogen, and Passage.

All tracks by offthesky (Jason Corder) –
Mixed by Revy (Kevin Lind)


MP3 download available on


1 – her soft circumference [Autoplate]

2 – burning of pella soleil [Resting Bell]

3 – coriolis effect [Autoplate]

4 – photosynesthesia [Resting Bell]

5 – memories feign [Zymogen]

6 – sea ghosts [Resting Bell]

7 – nonlinear surface tensions [Autoplate]

8 –  life as a spark in the army of dust [Passage]

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