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Electronica, Dub, Bass Music and more

This mix highlights a selection of ambient, electronica, dub, bass and glitch from a myriad of musicians and netlabels. A good indicator of the health of netaudio is not just the continued efforts of established labels but the emergence of quality new netlabels. We Are All Ghosts is only 6 months old and already has a very strong catalog including talented artists such as Apta, Gurdonark, Wolfgang Merx, Earlyguard and Cousin Silas. It would seem solid planning, quality control and an ear for great music are second nature to founder Thomas Mathie.

If you like bass music, Cut Records is another source of exceptionally high quality music. Keep an ear out for newcomers NeuroPlastic, also in the bass music sphere. On the dub side of things DaDub who are regulars on A Quiet Bump are going from strength to strength, wonderful bass heavy riffs and conscious lyrics. I mix in some melodic and engaging electronica with tracks from experienced producers Glander, Maps and Diagrams, and Ketsa. I hope you enjoy the selection.

Every month I’ll be focusing on a range of new releases from the world of netaudio. Feel free to leave comments or send me an email. Until next time, enjoy the mix. Warren [at]


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Artist – Track – Record Label

  1. Relative Q – farewells and goodbyes – [One]
  2. Toaster – Variant II
  3. P.W.F. – Sedimental – [Drift Deeper]
  4. Piotro – Just Another Day Without You
  5. Great Skies – Light At The End Of The Tunnel – [Cut Records]
  6. Pinklogik – Playing With Styx (Toaster Remix)
  7. dadub – lies – [A Quiet Bump]
  8. Luna 3 – Use My Weight To Keep It Down
  9. Ketsa – Fixation – [Invisible Agent]
  10. Glander – Variations – [Yuki Yaki]
  11. Dalot – Haiku 10 – [Futuresequence]
  12. Apta – Rise – [We Are All Ghosts]
  13. Maps and Diagrams – Eleemosyn – [Yuki Yaki]
  14. DFRNT – Too Long To Wait – [Cut Records]
  15. Toaster – Variant I
  16. Hirobleep – The Dark Matter
  17. Joachim De Lux – Le Rondo Des Sirènes (Madeaux Remix) – [NeuroPlastic]
  18. Ketsa – Projection – [Invisible Agent]
  19. Robert Messner – Reshaping the Lines Within (outtake)

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  1. October 3, 2012

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