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Netlabelism Cast 14 by Netlabelism on Mixcloud

Hip Hop, Dub, Bass Music and more

It’s getting close to the season when music lovers, bloggers and journalists alike, select their favorite tunes of the year. I couldn’t bring myself to doing it in 2011 and I probably won’t do it this year either. There’s just too much great music. But don’t worry, there’ll always be the Netlabelism podcast to keep you ticking over. I might even make you a special Netlabelism podcast…. so stay tuned.

If you appreciated bass heavy, tripped out head nodding beats then this podcast is for you. I kick it all off at about 70BPM and end up at about 120BPM. You’ll glide through some instrumental hip hop, heavy weight dub, electronica and more.

Every month I’ll be focusing on a range of new releases from the world of netaudio. Feel free to leave comments or send me an email. Until next time, enjoy the mix. Warren [at]


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Artist – Track – Record Label

  1. Actraiser – Phantomile – [Cut Records]
  2. Peter Prautzsch – Letzte Sonne
  3. Baumfreund – 80 kmh
  4. Yimino – Pouss – [Kavhi]
  5. voodoo tapes – Baron Samedi strato tales – [A Quiet Bump]
  6. Exit! – Watch Me – [Urban Wave Records]
  7. Exit! – Bikini Bottom – [Urban Wave Records]
  8. voodoo tapes – Sitting Bull feat Idren Lion Warriah aka Mr. Dill – [A Quiet Bump]
  9. Vintage Beats – Riffspart Dos – [Dusted Wax]
  10. Sick Rat – Poesia Di Un Regista Senza Attori
  11. Shatter Hands – Land Fly- [Urban Wave Records]
  12. aAirial – Printemps – [Kavhi]
  13. Audio Mainline – Ui Landscape
  14. Luis Marte – Ton – [Cronica Electronica]
  15. Ketsa – Projection – [Invisible Agent Records]
  16. Si-o – Man From Atlantis
  17. radltzx – Ribald – [Jehm Records]
  18. Fischerle – Lungma

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