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Ambient & Chillout Tracks – Best of 2012

I’ve selected some of my favorite Ambient Netlabel tracks from 2012.  This is a downtempo mix and is part 1 of a 2 part Podcast. There is a vast amount of quality music available and I certainly have not listened to it all, this is just a small snapshot of what is available. As always I will continue to explore the world of Netaudio and share my findings. If you have a list of tracks that you wish to share I would be delighted to include all or part of your selection in a future mix… Get in touch.


Free download on – 142Mb – 320K MP3


Artist – Track – Label

  1. Cousin Silas – Of Ancient Ways – We Are All Ghosts
  2. Daniel Robert Lahey – The Sweetest Drops – Free Floating Music
  3. Clutter – Dormant
  4. Phillip Wilkerson – Hear My Untold Story
  5. Sam Grinsell – Shelter
  6. I’ve Lost – A Study In Departure – Future Sequence
  7. The Northern Hemisphere – Goodnight
  8. Bing Satellites – Voices inside my head
  9. Good Weather For An Airstrike – Lah – Audio Gormet
  10. BpOlar – Yemanja

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