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Netlabelism Cast 18 by Netlabelism on Mixcloud

Dub, Bass Music, Experimental

It appears I was on hiatus? Not so, Murphy’s law struck and suddenly an overwhelming number of projects required attention. There is an upside, the extended time allowed me to accumulate a larger collection of aural treats. I’ve selected 16 tracks from a wide spectrum of Netlabels with bass heavy gems, spaced out dub, and the odd ambient excursion.

As always I will continue to explore the world of Netaudio and share my findings. If you have a list of tracks that you wish to share I would be delighted to include all or part of your selection in a future mix… Get in touch.


Free download on – 143Mb – 320K MP3


Artist – Track – Label

  1. Hoshorom – T-Woc – Invisible Agent Records
  2. Mackerel sky – Northcape
  3. Free Dive – DFRNT – Cut
  4. Guiding Light – Ketsa – We Are All Ghosts
  5. Treeboy – Bitbasic
  6. Line (FITN Remix) – Devecly Bitte
  7. Radial (Grad U Remix) – Cism
  8. We are programmed (Basic) – Phoboz
  9. Bananaman – Devecly Bitte
  10. Remember When – DFRNT – Cut
  11. Oceanic – Cism
  12. Meltwater – Northcape
  13. When we woke up we realized we were lost – Toaster
  14. Lonely Street – Moron
  15. Carbon – Northcape
  16. You Were With me, Beneath The Cold Stars Above – The Northern Hemisphere


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