A melodic and fun journey featuring a selection of Trip Hop, Electronica, Bass, with a dash of Dubstep.

Every single one of these releases is highly recommended. I hope you enjoy the mix, please leave comments or contact me by email warren [at]

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wim (ウィム) – Underwater bubbles moving
Moderator – Jazzy Waves
Wax Triptych – The Woman In Red
Kinesthetiac – Blak (A New Crystal)
Luke ob – imperial code
Secret Archives of the Vatican – The Shoemaker and the Djinn
M-PeX – Kanopus
Julien Mier – The Storm Whispered Rusty Memories
Ohsaurus – Please Respond…
Small Colin – Tape Productions
David Douglas – California Poppy
Kinesthetiac – Maternal Telekinesis (Chapstickin)
Subp Yao – I Want You
Tab and Anitek – Physical Graffitti
Dub Riots – Zinc Head

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