If you haven’t already guessed, I really love BFW Recordings. This mix contains a large selection of tracks from Album In A Day 6, and 7, both on the fantastic BFW Netlabel. Other delights are brought to you by Ambienteer, and K’an.

In his review of K’an – Mutation I (a track featured in this mix) our very own Simon statedIt is not often you see releases numbering beyond 4-5 tracks these days. EPs have almost become the norm”. I concur, that’s what attracts me to BFW and their Album in a day series. I love longer players. Admittedly I was somewhat skeptical, surely you can’t produce an album in a day? With an army of quality artists you can. BFW have exceptional quality control and a multitude of extraordinary artists on their roster. Clear some hard disk space, you’re going to need it after you feast over the treasures available on BFW recordings.

Ghosts by James Fahy a.k.a Ambienteer is one of my favorite tracks, he produces such graceful and fascinating compositions. Please support James by purchasing one of his creations over on bandcamp. Every releases on this mix comes highly recommended. Please leave comments or contact me by email warren [at]

NB* I received a lot of positive feedback for Cast 22, and Cast 23, so if you’re a beat lover, stick around because we’ll be swinging back to the world of beats soon. Thanks for listening.

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Cast 24 is mixed by Warren Daly, Free download on


Artist – Track – Label

Dmyra – When Viewed From A Distance – BFW Recordings
Meteer – Dance Of The Dying Free Will –  BFW Recordings
Alan Barttels – Greenville – BFW Recordings
Eric Dingus – November 9th – Hush Hush Records
ambienteer – ghosts
Scott Lawlor – Tibetan Daydream
Elypixa – Two Sun Two Minutes – BFW Recordings
Sine Rider – Gray Skies -BFW
Poodleplay Arkestra – BlueFour – BFW
Bellflower – Balloon Andre – Hush Hush
Piotro – Remembering – BFW Recordings
The Silent Committee – +tive
Cousin Silas – Flying Over Shepperton
K’an (s¥Ä) – Mutation I- Shrines – Kanmusic

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