I try to vary the mixes, exposing as many genres, artists, and labels as possible. Cast 22 and Cast 23 are full of beat driven tracks. This mix brings us back to the world of ambient, downtempo, chilled out tracks. Please share with your friends, and if you like the tracks, support the original artists. Thanks for listening. Warren

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Netlabelism Cast 25 by Netlabelism on Mixcloud


Cast 25 is mixed by Warren Daly, Free download on


Artist – Track – Label

Nisei23 – The Departure – elevenandtwelve- Rec72
Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons – Jupiter is Still Silent – ScannerWorks – We Are All Ghosts
The Ambient Visitor – Asclepius
Chromadrift – Lost Among The Sea – Lunarian Ways
Scott Lawlor – Tibetan Daydream – BFW Recordings
Kalgan – Enduring memories – Stasis
Nisei23 – Pale Imitation – elevenandtwelve – Rec72
The Ambient Visitor – Nereus
The Owl Effect – Seventh Dream – BFW Recordings

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