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When we were contacted by Davic Nod about one of his latest projects, we were immediately intrigued. There is a lot of talk about using the internet in ways that are new, and break away from the rigid patterns of the “old industry”, but if we’re honest with ourselves, that often remains just that: talk. That’s why we’re absolutely pumped about helping in an endeavour to take free and open music to a whole new level: participate with artists all over the world to create an open sound library, and then proceed to make tracks from those sounds which will then be published and presented at events around the globe. Below you can find the official announcement by Thalamus Lab.

A free experimental sound library curated by Thalamus Lab
We want to contribute to the cultural exchange between artists around the world, to encourage innovation and evolution, to combine ideas in different contexts, to join forces, to share and to collaborate on the Internet. With this in mind we are curating a free experimental sound library, which is going to comprise sounds by skilled artists from around the world.

The co-creation of an album
The first outcome of the Experimental Sound Lab is going to be a collaborative album. Once the library is compiled and released, we are going to announce another open call for tracks created out of the sounds included in it. Thus, we are going to involve a bunch of people in the process of creation, aiming to reach new horizons in co-creation.

Mass collaboration and Freesound
This project is intended to reflect and support the benefits of mass collaboration, turning mass collaboration into an essential element of the process of creation. That is, we are both contributing to
and benefiting from; a huge collaborative free sound database launched in 2005, where so far 2.5M of registered users have shared more than 170.000 sounds and organized them in more than 10.000 packs.

Join the project
Both the library and the album will be presented during 2014 in different countries. The firsts in joining the project are:
Harvestworks (New York, US)
Niu (Barcelona, Spain)
Netlabelism (Ghent, Belgium)

Submit your sounds before 2014 February 1 and be part of it!

Experimental Sound Lab
Submission Guidelines

About Thalamus Lab
Thalamus Lab is a co-creation laboratory in search of new cultural blends and evolutionary methods, with a global view of art. We work on interdisciplinary and collaborative projects with a special interest in electronic music, new technologies and media art. We are a collaborative and interdisciplinary organization born in Barcelona working with several collaborators from different countries. We aim to innovate not only in the final result but also in the process of creation. We experiment exchanging ideas and mixing cultures. We connect creative people. We evolve.

Simon Van Bockstal Written by:

Simon Van Bockstal, or Hushfield, is based in Ghent, Belgium. He is a freelance reviewer and musician (previously known as ‘The Quiet Orchestra’ and ‘Droidmusik’) raised on a diet of moody ambient and glitchy beats. A turntable with Chopin records and a drumcomputer are his idea of starting a party. He spends most of his time locked in the basement with cables, knobs and netlabel culture.

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  1. December 17, 2013

    Very excited to get involved with this, thanks for the post.

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