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Aleks Janeski

As one of the main motors in the Cologne Free-Music Scene, psycoded has always pushed Open Content and  featured fresh Sounds straight from the Source. „Its all about sharing“.
With his own Label-Projects Akashic-Records, Zimmer-Records and Haushaltsware he always got an interesting pick whether it is Ambient, Dub, Experimentals, Minimal or pure Undergound Techno. Besides his DJing, Producing and Label-Management, psycoded is also active in organizing Netlabel-Events as well as Radioshows concerning free Music, and has a big passion for abstract Photo-Art.


Marco Medkour

First of all, he is the guy behind rec72 netlabel; serving as an hub for fine Creative Commons Electronica. Also known as akustikfilm; Marco is into fieldrecordings since many, many years and collects selected sound spots in Cologne city to be located on the famous Soundmap of Cologne. He counts one half of konkretourist which is one of the leading netlabels delivering concrete sounds, fieldrecordings and soundscapes. And he’s also a founding member of Cologne Commons.

Despite having his ears on the streets of Creative Commons music; Marco is coaching youngsters, teachers and educators to use and built upon Creative Commons media thus providing a sustainable pool of free content.

He wrote several articles and essays in special interest magazines dealing with the usage of CC-based content in youth media projects, and media-literacy. In many workshops he turns youngsters and oldies to recognize Creative Commons as a means of sharing their creativity on the web; and to luckily enjoy the moments of free culture!


Klara Dot

Passionate DJane, Radiohost, CC-Supporter and founder of the Netlabel Wavelike ( Her musical style and taste is wide open, yet clear defined. Her goals are a free culture, good music and alternative thinking. Or to say it with the words of an old wise German:
“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” (Goethe)


Pete Cogle

Pete Cogle is based in Sussex, England. He’s a prolific podcaster, and has been producing his flagship show, PC Podcast since January 2006. The show is a weekly mixture of many genres of music, news and interviews with the people behind some great Netlabels. In December 2010, the show won the Personality Award in the European Podcast Awards. Pete produces many other podcasts, such as The Dub Zone, which is a mix of the best netlabel dub and reggae, release every two weeks since May 2007, and The Dub Step Zone, which is a mix of dubstep released every four weeks since January 2009.

In addition Pete is a active member of the Association of Music Podcasting, and Made In The UK Podcast collectives.


Dylan Orchard

Dylan Orchard (aka YouSir) is a London based writer who, beyond dabbling in the occasional bit of prose, has been writing for and about the free music movement since he started off with ‘Another Goddamn Music Blog’ back in 2008 and subsequently went on to found and run both The Creative UnCommons and the Net Label Coalition. As well as that he’s written bits for various artists and net labels, mostly reviews and commentaries on the evolution of the free music scene.
As well as writing, Dylan’s main obsessions include social art, alternative publishing and any other project or idea which he catches out of the corner of his eye and gets insanely obsessed with.


Thilo Geertzen

Cie is a experienced producer and remixer and releases his music on several netlabels and on vinyl. Having his musical roots in the amiga scene he creates electronic tracks from game music to Tech-House.
Besides the music he develops software for various platforms like plugins for the sequencer Renoise or applications for Facebook and mobile devices.


Sal Pichireddu

Born as youngest child of Italian immigrants, Salvatore Pichireddu (or in anglo-american Sal, as he prefers it) lived always a life between many cultures and languages, absorbing influences from everywhere, yet feeling strong roots towards his hometown Cologne on one side and his homeland Sardinia on the other side. He currently works as a teacher, webmaster, free author and blogger on several websites (most recently on the CCmusic-related site (; furthermore he is the lyricist and lead singer of the industrial/electronic trio Desvelos and twice a month a webradio DJ. He was raised with sardinian folk music, international pop music, italian opera arias and the wide musical world of the 1970s and early 1980s. He admires the music of Ludwig van Beethoven and Dmitri Shostakovich as much as the music John Coltrane, Bill Evans,Jeff and Tim Buckley and Robert Fripp. In1999 he founded the German Progressive Rock community [progrock-dt] and helped organizing and promoting more than 10 international music festivals.


Kevin Lind

Kevin Lind (aka Revy), an active dj, producer, and video artist, has been contributing music to various netlabels since 2006, and also manages the netlabel Bleepsequence, a platform for experimental multimedia with a strong focus on forward thinking electronic grooves.

He’s currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) and still can’t seem to stop filling up his hard drives with brainbending webfunk.

Signature: [KL] – Contact: kevin [at]


Andy Farina

Andy lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and created the Unique Beats Festival of Electronica which gives UK electronica musicians a stage as well as bringing together some of the worlds largest music tech companies (Ableton, Roland, Propellorheads etc.) to show off their new gear and give workshops. Andy dreams of one day being a good enough producer to get on stage at one of his own events but until then he is “happy to judge other peoples hard work and skill instead”.
When not involved with Unique Beats’ podcasts, website or events he can often be found rewatching Back to the Future 2 on repeat to try and work out how the hoverboards work – according to the film they should be a reality by 2015 and he is determined to be the first to make one. So far his experiments with electronic magnets and his old skateboard have not gone well.

Signature: [AF] – Contact: andy [at]


Dan Auty

Dan is based in London, UK, and is a writer, web developer and musician. He records as The Death Bazooka and as a film journalist contributes to a number of movie sites as well as co-hosting the popular Mondo Movie podcast. He discovered the netaudio scene in early 2010 and since then has been a devoted listener, devouring as much strange and wonderful music as time allows. If he’s not expanding his mind with ear-melting Ukranian jazz-metal, you’ll probably find him watching some obscure Italian horror movie from the 1970s. Or possibly both at the same time.

Signature: [DA] – Contact: dan [at]


Robert Felsted Jr.

Robert Felsted Jr. is a Philadelphia, PA based producer/recording engineer/multi-instrumentalist. He also has accrued 20+ indie and major label credits as an engineer (since the age of 19) and has produced and released 5 LPs (bfel2) of original work. He and currently plays the bass with his band Mojoceratops and writes music everyday on his wurlitzer electric piano.

Signature: [RF] – Contact: robert [at]


Sascha Pantalon

Sascha is a Student who lives in Bonn. He discovered his interest in Netaudio in 2008. At his University he is working as a radio presenter. He likes the idea of a free culture which gives everyone the chance to publish his music, because freedom occures more creativity. In search of nice Dub and HipHop tracks on the net, he also discovered that he likes Drum’n’Base and 8-bit music.”

Signature: [SP] – Contact: sascha [at]


Lukas Höh

VJ (Visual Chemistry) and graphic designer (Farbfundament) from cologne. Intuned in servile projects from cover art, web design to free art work. Curating the Platine Festival focuses on electronic media, covering the realm from art statements up to alternative gaming forms. And last but not least he did the logo design for this online magazine.

Lukas is in charge for selecting the cover artwork of the month and also for editing and recording our artist video interviews. “work hard live fast die young”

Signature: [LH] – Contact: lukas [at]


George De Bruin

GeorgeI’m a computer architect / engineer by day. I am a music geek and writer by night. I write for The CerebralRift and Netlabelism magazines. I also run a music show on the NoAgenda Music stream: The CerebralMix. I am very concerned with “intellectual property” issues, civil liberties and personal rights. I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Free Software Foundation, the Accessible Computing Foundation, and many other progressive open-minded causes.

Signature: [GDB] – Contact: george [at]


Kay Berkemeier

Cologne City Germany Based Dj and Programmer from Hell. Kay combines the love to music and to tricky code fragments. He is one of the Co-Founders of Technolgy Gap and the guy for tricky technical solutions behind Modularfield. Blessed with the love to deep House Music and Dubstep he is always on a mission to discover the hot shit along side every kind of sound carrier from the good old vinyl to mp3.

Signature: [KB] – Contact: kay [at]

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