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As 2012 rolls in we here at Netlabelism are looking forward to another year of fine netlabel music. My first netlabel sounds of 2012 were ushered in late at night from the Basic Sounds Netlabel. Much of my music listening habits are based around mood and environment, when it’s sunny and bright I love something with rich warm timbres, earthy sounds that emanate the environment which surrounds me. Some times it will be late at night, I’ll be sitting at my computer in darkness and all I crave is a warm pair of headphones wrapped around my ears with some truly minimal house sounds. No doubt many of you have craved a certain niche sound at a very specific time. In this case, the latter was what I was after.

I will be the first to admit I am not 100% familiar with many minimal house netlabels out there. The first that comes to mind is Columbian label Monofonicos, then there is the work on the prolific FuseLab to take into account. I didn’t find myself at these sources, however, and followed a tweet from a friend of mine to the Basic Sounds website and their latest release from Alessandro Crimi entitled ‘A Night in the Forest’. A night in the forest you say? Well, that certainly sounds like it fits my dark, secluded mood and night time environment.

The release is characterized by a sinister sound, with deeper synths than I’m used to, it suits the title perfectly. I imagine being trapped in a forest at night would not be entirely pleasant, but if I had to choose some tunes to listen to it would be this EP. Steady beats are accompanied by ominous progressive synths that pulsate and pan around the field of sound. The three tracks kick in at around five minutes and descend around seven minutes, staying true to that minimal sound.

Percussive punches are pulled in ‘Nebelwald’ with the synths acting as an auxiliary for the beat and the intro offering a short reprieve from the harder hitting drums of the opening track. Two minutes in to the track and dub-influenced sounds can be heard echoing all around the place, all is needed is some serious low end and this could be a dub track. Instead, provided is some subtle percussion joining the synths to carry the track into its mid section.

Closing out the EP is a quicker tempo track, lifted by a subtly moving ambient synth in the background and melded with a shuffling click beat. A welcomed juxtaposition from the opening two numbers that gives a sense of closure to the short EP. It’s a little more light-hearted as well. The three tracks here carry some weight, and in my eyes track two being sandwiched between two higher quality tracks is at the detriment of the release. While it holds my interest somewhat it is out shined by its bookends. Either way, check out the release if the mood is right and the environment beckons it. [AS]


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  2. this is just the sort of music i have been needing lately. nice review! interestingly, what other music can you suggest which has rich earthy textures? i need a bit of that at the moment as well…

  3. 🙂 This type of music I really just stumble across, iv’e not much knowledge of the minimal house music in netlabels but from what I have heard on the basic sounds netlabel it seems to be their aesthetic as such, so I would start there 🙂

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