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Our very own reviewer and podcaster Warren Daly has created a wonderful netaudio platform called ‘Invisible Agent’. News blog, netlabel, and a regular outlet for eclectic netaudio mixes, Warren is clearly a busy and dedicated man!

The latest release by T-Woc is a vibey and hard-hitting beat-based affair. It is tidy, and very well-produced indeed. For me, the EP is split in to two distinct parts. The first two tracks ‘Bacaloa’ and ‘Enough’ have a techy dubstep vibe; loud punchy kicks and snares smashed with shattered shards of glitch, tight sample cuts, splats of springy reverbs, delays and flanges, and super-sub basslines. I particularly like the dark musical nature of ‘Enough’. It is so creepy, and full of mythical character. These two tracks would easily be enough to freak out any hard dubstep fan on a dancefloor.

The second half is very likable to Luke Vibert. The track ‘Sufferers’ is definitely to be found on a CD taped to the magazine ‘Make Music like Vibert – Issue 1: An Introduction’. Raga MC vocal cuts, floaty pads, major tonality, weird and slippery synth lines, trustworthy bassline, bouncy drum breaks, and delay-fills. This is by no means a bad thing, as I am a huge Vibert fan, and if anything it makes me feel significantly more sprightly. One problem, I hate the ending. I know it is supposed to be abrupt, and perhaps this is a way for T-Woc to detach from obvious influences and try something a bit further away from the beaten track. However, I feel this was already accomplished by the other three tracks, which are flawless and straight edge, both production-wise and structure-wise. There are much better ways of finishing a track than just hitting stop.

‘Pantog’ is at first quite uneasy, with dry drones leading to the unexpected. As the rhythms begin to take shape, a teetering bassline pushes the track into a full-on deep downbeat groove. It’s the longest track on the EP, and the added flesh contributes a nice twist to the feel of the EP. It could quite feasibly fade out at 4:10, but the breakbeat sidling in at 4:31 is beautifully timed, bringing a delightfully new edge to this trippy fiasco.

Overall, I think this EP is great. The diligence and experience of this producer shines through in this accomplishment. It is full of life, stuffed with emotion, and rammed with coherence. It has a solid grounding, a bold angle, and driving direction. Diverse integrity. Simple clarity. A tinge of insanity. A glowing intrigue. A moist peculiarity. I could go on… However, I would like to see more from this musician. If he possess so much skill at carefully crafting wonderful music, I want to see more diversity, and more detachment from the mainstream. His music draws on a lot of current music, and perhaps this is intentional. If it is, and T-Woc wants to acquire a strong following and an avid audience, he must first push a more original style and ethos towards his music and let it flourish at the forefront of his creativity and production. Once he has his angle, he will get his audience.

T-Woc – Sufferers

T Woc – Hoshorom – 04 – Sufferers

Link to the Release Page [IVA1300]

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