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It’s time for a change of pace. Much of what I bring to Netlabelism is downtempo in some form or another. The chill vibes fit well with my generally relaxed, mellow personality. Lately, however, I’ve been craving something different, something heavier, something harder. Thankfully, the netlabel gods provide.

There is a netlabel out there called Subbass. As the name implies, they put out bass-heavy music. I’ve barely scratched their surface as they have literally dozens of albums with perhaps as many artists.

The artist I’m sharing here bears the name SPCZ (Species?), and the album is called Foundation. Perhaps I first noticed it because I recently finished reading the Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov (truly a prodigious read, pick it up). The track titles are named for some of the prominent characters and places in the books. Beyond that, the album as a whole echoes the futuristic, space-faring experience.

Foundation (the album) is high-energy and atmospheric, at times dark and at others cheery. It showcases SPCZ’s synth skills, solid beats, a plethora of glitch noises, and deep, dub sounds. With each track he creates a soundscape which balances the infinitesimal with the gargantuan. I highly recommended cranking up your subwoofers or listening with a decent set of headphones to get the full experience. Laptop speakers are a waste of time.

The track “Terminus” starts off with a foreboding drone, like hovering over a great, unimaginably deep body of water. When we take the plunge, we go slowly. Softer elements are introduced first, a beat, a quick synth, the hum of bass. As we dive deeper, the pace quickens, and with it comes ringing bells, grinding dubs, and flecks of sound which look synaesthetically like tiny flashes of light, not unlike those in the ocean’s abyss. “Terminus” an energetic, confident piece of music. It’ll set your feet to stepping and your chest to pounding, from within and without.

“Gaia” hides little from the beginning, and wastes no time in getting to the point. Supported by throbbing bass, beats, and a plethora of echoing knick-knacks and tick-tocks, this track highlights SPCZ’s skills with a synthesizer. It doesn’t let up much until the end, but by then you might very well be too worn out to care.

Overall, this album provides a well-executed sound experience of considerable length, depth, and breadth. Length: it contains 16 tracks which play for nearly 80 minutes. Depth: the bass is so low that it’s felt as often as it’s heard. Breadth: the variety of sound gives off vibes ranging from dubstep, to ambient, to drone, industrial, and glitch-hop. I’d say it’s a fair homage to Mr. Asimov (may he rest in peace) and his literary masterpiece.


SPCZ – “Terminus”

SPCZ – “Gaia”


Foundation download page at Subbass

SPCZ on Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud

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Chris hails from the east coast of the United States. With help from Netlabelism.com, he discovered the netlabel phenomenon in 2012. Since then he’s been hooked, listening to netlabel music almost exclusively. He enjoys jazzy hip-hop, psychedelic chill out, and bass-heavy tunes. In addition to listening to and sharing music, he loves to read and write (he’s even written a book!). Chris reviews North Carolina beers at www.PorchDrinking.com.

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