We are looking for new writers

We are looking for new writers! Yes, we are talking to you: somebody who likes discovering new music (in any genre, we don’t really focus exclusively on particular styles of music) and has a sharp pen (or keyboard, tablet or phone for that matter).
The requirements are simple: a love for music, a desire to express that love through words and importantly: commitment to a regular contribution. We’re looking for people that can write something every two to three weeks, one piece a month would be a minimum. On the other hand, “Quality over quantity” will always remain our motto, so we don’t enforce deadlines on our reviewers. If you need to work a little longer on a certain piece, make sure you get it right. Interested? Send our editor an email at simon [dot] vanbockstal [at] gmail [dot] com.Be sure to include the following:
1) tell us who you are
2) tell us why you would like to write for Netlabelism
3) include a review of a recent cc/netlabel release. Length: around 500 words

We’re looking forward to working with you.
The Netlabelism Team

Simon Van Bockstal Written by:

Simon Van Bockstal, or Hushfield, is based in Ghent, Belgium. He is a freelance reviewer and musician (previously known as ‘The Quiet Orchestra’ and ‘Droidmusik’) raised on a diet of moody ambient and glitchy beats. A turntable with Chopin records and a drumcomputer are his idea of starting a party. He spends most of his time locked in the basement with cables, knobs and netlabel culture.

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